This information aims to address common questions about the Schumacher Network, an online community that supports the vision of a thriving, just and sustainable world. If you have any questions, please let us know.

What is this?

The Schumacher Network is an emerging social movement, a network of relationships and sharing understandings to co-create and co-produce the world we want to see. It is about making visible and empowering this large, vibrant and diverse community – to showcase, inspire and connect what we are doing, to be part of a global movement for sustainable change.  A virtual forum to make the invisible, visible. 

We can connect with like-minded people, communicate our ideas, stories and news, and collaborate together to form groups and communities of practice, worldwide.

The Schumacher Network is developing in an iterative and organic way. Starting small – listening and adapting to what works, and where the life and energy is.  So let us know what is working for you, what is not working, and your vision of what you would like to see in the future and how you could be part of making this happen

Who is it for?

Schumacher College alumni, staff, volunteers, cooks, gardeners, facilitators... AND friends

Can I invite other people to join?

Yes! This community is yours to co-create, so feel free to invite people who support the vision of a thriving, just and sustainable world by sending them to Schumachernetwork.org

How do I access the online community?

Some material is publicly visible, and logging in will allow you to experience everything the community has to offer.

If you have any trouble accessing your account, email community@schumachercollege.org.uk

What should I use the online community for?

You can find and connect with people who live in your area, or who you met at Schumacher College, or who did the same courses as you. You can find groups based on location or common interests. And you can join and create topics and events to pursue your vision of a thriving, just and sustainable human presence on the planet. If you are interested in learning more about those opportunities, you can read the Website Guide.

Feel free to engage in the community in whatever way appeals to you consistent with the Community Guidelines.

You can share about your personal journey. You can discuss current events and activities. It’s your community!

How do I learn more about using this community?

You can read the website guides. If we have missed anything, please let us know!

Who can see what I write?

When you create a Post, Topic, or Event, you have the option to set the visibility to one or more groups, or the whole community. These will only be seen by community members who have logged in. Likewise, all comments are only visible to logged in members.

Activity can also take place within Groups, which can be Open, or Closed. See the next question to learn more about the different types of Groups.

Can I send a private message to another community member?

Yes! You can access private messaging through the envelope icon in the main navigation bar, or through the Private Messagebutton on someone's profile page.

How do I use Groups in this online community?

Groups offer a way to organise events and discussions, and to connect with people around common interests.

There are currently two types of Groups: Open, and Closed. You need to join a Group to participate in the discussions within. You will see an orange JOIN button on the right side of the screen when you visit Open Groups. Membership in Closed Groups is controlled by the Group Managers.

Activity in Open Groups is visible to any community member who has logged. The Open setting works well for interest groups.

Activity in Closed Groups is visible to members of those groups only. The Closed setting works well for private groups, or possibly some of the courses.

You will receive notifications about new Topics, Events, and Posts in the Groups you join.

Will I receive email notifications about activity in the online community?

Notifications are generated based on a number of criteria in the online community. You can determine the frequency at which to receive email notifications about that activity in your Account Settings.

You can receive notifications about a Topic of interest by clicking the FOLLOW button in the description.

How can I get support with an issue?

If you have any additional questions, you can ask them by contacting us.

How is it run?

The Schumacher Network is held by Schumacher College on behalf of the community. We have always intended to transfer ownership of the website to the community with a governance transition process which will be open for everyone on the website once we are up and running.

So for now:

The Schumacher Network is a project held by Schumacher College, as part of the 'Schumacher Worldwide' portfolio of projects, activities, and connections around the world.

It is managed by a group called the 'Schumacher Network Platform Core Group' made up of Schumacher College staff (Laura and Julie), an alumnus (Mar) and an independent project manager (Ed) and governance guide (Jon).

  • Oversight: Schumacher Worldwide Co-ordinator: Julie Richardson
  • Digital Management: Schumacher College Digital Manager: Laura Whitehead
  • Community Facilitator: Mar Hausler
  • Project Manager (to launch): Ed Mitchell
  • Governance guide: Jon Rae

The website is securely hosted on Schumacher College's web servers at UK Fast, and operates using the open source Drupal Distribution 'Open Social', maintained by the friendly, competent and dedicated team at Goal Gorilla. We are also happy that Web Architects handle the systems administration on the web servers.