Messages of Hope

The Messages of Hope - in alphabetical order of sender. Please contact us if we have missed anything or mis-typed, or you want to change it!

Let's ourselves be Love


Andrew Bartlett

"Thus men forgot that all deities reside in the human breast... For every thing that lives in Holy"

(from 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell' (1790)

Antonio Alexandre Silva

May this Project help Schumacher to touch those souls we once thought would be never reached by the College's messages and love

Jill Mackechnie

Remembering to be
I came to learn, to listen, to see
And here, I've simply remembered to be...

Attentive and mindful, curious and free
Joining with Nature, on bended knee,
Brings forth my reverence, nurturing me
To go forth in gladness, smiling once more,

I came to learn, to listen, to see
And here [at Schumacher College], I've simply remembered to be.
(Jill Mackechnie)

Mohan Mahtani

My questions is, what’s the opportunity here for us? How might we first acknowledge the problem and focus on solving it. Can we create a system that will replace the one we have at present? A fairer one for the planet and its people. One that will end the tyranny (once and for all) that has plagued us for centuries? Can we create an alternative method of governing ourselves and if so, how might we implement it given the obvious challenges. Can we, through creativity, bravery and by our sheer numbers finally wrest power from this dangerous opposition and then use it wisely.

Murray McGrath

Life is not a competition to establish who matters most.
It’s a celebration for all to make the most of.

Neil Burgess

when the new world re-embraces the old, the old promises will be redeemed
when the leaders truly lead, the lost children will all be saved -
and we have all been lost,
and we can all choose to lead -
to lead in Truth, simply show the way forward: your beloved-belovers will join you.
because it is a joy to witness the numbness fading
because the stuttering songs we are starting to sing can set the world free
because... who will do it, if we do not? when will it happen if not now?

Tony Prender

Hope remains alive when it translates into intent and action. The International Network for Change is a further and very welcome demonstration that Schumacher College continues to build on the visionary work of Satish Kumar and Anne Phillips in addressing profound environmental challenges whose impacts are global and demand a global response.