Alumni Interview with Alfred Widmann

Mar Häusler • 27 January 2019

This month as part of the alumni interviews, I am delighted to share Alfred's interview, he has recently joined to help with the developments of the Schumacher Network.

Thank you Alfred, it's wonderful to have you on-board!


Name : Alfred Widmann 

Location : Totnes, UK




Q: What course(s) did you attend at Schumacher College, which years have you been involved and how closely connected are you to the college now?

I attended the Masters programme in Economics for Transition over 2017-18. I am still connected to the college as I live in Totnes and am developing the Schumacher Network Platform with Mar.


Q: Looking back, how did your time at the college most influence your life?

It really doesn't feel like it has been a very long ago that I finished the course, I'm still unpacking the lines of inquiry and questions that were raised in my time there. Going to Schumacher college represents an action I took with the intention to start forging a way forwards into a sustainable and regenerative mode of being. What has changed now is that I feel more connected than I ever have been to other people with the same or similar intention. 


Q: What has been your biggest take away from your time at Schumacher College?

My biggest takeaway from Schumacher college is that the whole can be represented in the details at the human scale of interaction. I have always been inclined to map things out, to get an overview, so this is quite different. I have seen glimpses of another way, diving into the flow of becoming to paraphrase the likes of John Shotter. I am in the process (a never-ending process) of nurturing these seeds and shoots.


Q: To what extent did your time at Schumacher inform and/or facilitate your choice of work?

I am currently working one day a week for the Schumacher Network Platform, and it is a direct follow on from the work I did on my dissertation where I was exploring Outlooks for developing the "Schumacher commons". I have always been really interested in "commons based peer to peer production" and cooperative models of organisation, so learning about these things at the college has made these work opportunities more visible to me. More generally I can see that there are more opportunities that can flow from my/our time at the college.


Q: What have you done since leaving the college.. and what are you doing now? What has led you to this point?

I have been catching up with work commitments which have been ongoing throughout my time at the college, Im sure I'm not the only one who had to catch up with a bit of a backlog! My class has also been keeping in touch on regular video meetings which as been really nice. Im settling into life in Totnes as a non student, and setting my life up here with my partner and two and a half year old daughter.

Right now I'm working on production, facilitation and business development for the SNP with Mar. I'm also project managing another web project so these two projects are playing off each-other quite well.


Q: How are you living your livelihood “right livelihood”? Expressing yourself in the world?

Im making small incremental improvements where I can. Im also piloting side projects and ideas which could be considered more in line with the solidarity economy or new economics which I hope can take centre stage at some point. I haven't explored the term right livelihood in much depth but my take on it is to be kind/compassionate etc, with others and myself while providing a service of value which can support my physical and emotional needs. So I try to be kind and effective. 


Thank you Alfred for sharing with the community!