Alumni Interview with Guillem Caballero 

Mar Häusler • 22 February 2019

This month as part of the alumni interviews, I am excited to share the interview with Guillem Caballero, he was very involved in college life after his graduation in the "bridge role" and is now in Belgium as part of the Belgium Sprouts Schumacher initiative and supported the first event in December at Campus de la Transition co-founded by Cécile Renouard.

It's wonderful to get to know you a little more deeply Guillem!


Name : Guillem Caballero 

Location : Brussels (Belgium)

French Group


Q: What course(s) did you attend at Schumacher College, which years have you been involved and how closely connected are you to the college now?

I did the MA in Economics for Transition in 2014/2015. I came back last year ( 2017/2018) as the bridge to help out the Postgraduate team and deepen my relationship with the College


Q: Looking back, how did your time at the college most influence your life?

This is a really difficult question as my time at he College influenced me in  many dimensions of my being...Nonetheless I would say it helped me to know myself and the world much better and hopefully made me a better person with a more realistic and hopeful vision of the world.


Q: What has been your biggest take away from your time at Schumacher College? 

To slow down and to listen. There are so many wonderful events constantly  occurring , inviting us to partake .


Q: To what extent did your time at Schumacher inform and/or facilitate your choice of work? 

It was a pivotal moment for me.  It really helped to discern which road to take. Without my time at the college I guess it would have taken me at  least 10 years to trust myself to follow the path I am on.


Q: What have you done since leaving the college.. and what are you doing now? What has led you to this point?

I first went to work to an amazing EcoVillage next to Tarifa in Spain . It is called el Molino de Guadalmesi (they are now looking for volunteers to enroll through the European Volunteers Service, this means your travel cost will will be reimbursed and you will receive some pocket money from the EU ).  Afterward I did some work in International Development. (in Brussels and Kenya).

Now since August I am back in Brussels . I have been helping the Schumacher Sprouts initiative , with some alumni we have decided to share the "Schumacher" way of doing in our local ecosystem. I am pleased to say that the two first events haven been a success ! In addition I work part time in a Granola factory and the rest of the time I am at therapy center seeing some patients. 


Q: How are you living your livelihood “right livelihood”? Expressing yourself in the world?

With a smile and with humility . I try to express myself in the world with every action but I feel really alive and useful while doing my therapy work I hope I will be able to do it full time in the near future.


Something to share with the wider community of your life… Rejoice Spring will soon be back!


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