Alumni Interview with Maria Eduarda Souza

Mar Häusler • 25 October 2018

Dear Community,

As alumni from the college are developing incredible initiatives around the world and in their local places - weaving together the new world - I felt inspired to initiate an alumni & friends interview series and I would love to invite you on to share your stories with the wider community!

Please feel free to answer these questions or share your story directly as an inspiration for the wider network.


Name: Maria Eduarda Souza

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Maria Souza


Q: What course(s) did you attend at Schumacher College, which years have you been involved and how closely connected are you to the college now?


I've attended the MA Ecology and Spirituality in 2017 and the Becoming Indigenous Programme in 2015/16. I have also worked as co facilitator during the show courses. In 2018, I visited the college with my sister and recently I spoke to Satish Kumar about the possibilities of creating programmes in South East Asia.


Q: Looking back, how did your time at the college most influence your life?

It was a transition period between different phases in my life, Schumacher facilitated this transition and empowered me to continue my path with compassion and knowledge.


Q: What has been your biggest take away from your time at Schumacher College?

The subjects which I studied at the College during my MA and the Becoming Indigenous Programme influence me till today, giving the foundation for my work. Inspiring ecologists, philosophers and professors I was fortunate to discover and learn from are a precious source of knowledge to my work. The methodology and facilitation skills the school applies also have inspired me.


Q: To what extent did your time at Schumacher inform and/or facilitate your choice of work?

I was already an environmentalist when I arrived at Schumacher, however the experience at the College deepened and transformed my work in a more gentle practice.


Q: What have you done since leaving the college.. and what are you doing now? What has led you to this point?

I have worked as an environmental educator and writer in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2018, I facilitated a 6 months study programme covering the topics of nature connection, mythology and women. I have also given workshops in festivals and reunions covering such themes.


Q: How are you living your livelihood “right livelihood”? Expressing yourself in the world?

I have been more gentle with myself and those around me, accepting different perspectives and life choices. I have also been more courageous and humble to share my learnings and experience through workshops and circles.


Something to share with the wider community of your life.

Schumacher College was a life changing experience and I am grateful for all the support and learning I have received.