Alumni Interview with Ying Liang

Mar Häusler • 17 November 2018

Dear Community,

As alumni from the college are developing incredible initiatives around the world and in their local places - weaving together the new world - I felt inspired to initiate an alumni & friends interview series and I would love to invite you on to share your stories with the wider community!

Please feel free to answer these questions or share your story directly as an inspiration for the wider network.

This month I am delighted to share Ying's interview - she recently opened the Schumi Learning Garden in Guangdong Province of China, 1.5 hours from Hong Kong. Check out the wonderful pictures at the end of the interview. 

Thank you Ying for your inspiration!


Name: Ying Liang

Location: Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China


Ying Della Chocolate


Q: What course(s) did you attend at Schumacher College, which years have you been involved and how closely connected are you to the college now?

I did MA in Economics for Transition in 2015~2016. I feel I am pretty connected to the college through alumni and teachers. They are all very supportive to what I am doing now.


Q: Looking back, how did your time at the college most influence your life? What has been your biggest take away from your time at Schumacher College?

Most importantly, my time at the college makes me believe that we can create the world that we want to live in. There are many different ways that we can do our daily practices. Possibilities are up to us once we become fully connected to ourselves, to the community, and to the earth. 


Q: To what extent did your time at Schumacher inform and/or facilitate your choice of work?

I don’t wait for the ideal work to come, I create it by working together with others. I have received so much from the college that I want to create such a learning community for more people to be more alive, more grounded, and more connected.


Q: What have you done since leaving the college.. and what are you doing now? What has led you to this point?

I served as Schumacher China Ambassador after graduating from the college, running the Schumacher online Wechat Platform to spread the learning experience of the college and, in addition to this role, I worked as an independent workshop facilitator and interpreter. All these had actually paved the way for the Schumi Learning Garden to be slowly and steadily born, when everything ripens all of a sudden, like a strong partnership and a lovely place.


Q: How are you living your livelihood “right livelihood”? Expressing yourself in the world?

I am now working full time with Schumi Learning Garden project, and living in this community as well. It has become a hub and home for many. When you are genuine, people are open, and they would exchange and share. So everyone who has various associations with SLG, is a creator and gardener of this place.

Friends in the Schumacher Worldwide Network, you are always very welcomed to SLG.  It is 1.5h by boat away from Hong Kong. 

Ying Liang

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