April's Online Community Tea Room

Mar Häusler • 3 May 2019


For Aprils community only Tea Session we had a wonderful group of alumni from different courses and years from across the world coming together.


April Tea Room 2People joined from the UK, Portugal, France, Mexico, Brazil, Findhorn at the Climate Change and Consciousness Summit.. to name a few. It was an enthusiastic and vibrant discussion sharing about our lives and projects.

We covered topics around the economy before the industrial revolution, exploring new models beyond the current on consumerism and of course a big topic was climate change and taking action in the world as the extinction rebellion and Fridays for climate school strikes are gaining momentum.

Satish Kumar joined the call and with his energy, he relit all our flames and encouraged us to take action in the world. 

As always his words, love and wisdom left all our hearts filled with enthusiasm to go back into our lives and make our little steps of action.


He shared his words around how important these current strikes are and encouraged everyone to do their part, whatever that may be - writing a diary, article, planting a tree or influencing others on a wider scale.


April Tea Room 3 Satish also shared about having conversations with indigenous cultures especially during this time in Brazil and listening to them. Instead of us assuming what they need, opening our ears to hearing their voices.

An important question that has come from the event is how to weave together online and offline events - using the network and online spaces as a tool for the wider community. 

Satish encouraged us to continue meeting in person in regional centres to continue connecting and supporting each!


We look forward to the next online tea room session together on Tuesday 21st May 1pm to 3pm UK time.

Zoom Room : https://zoom.us/j/668071670

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