Blog post by Judy - How to link the Schumacher Network and Newsletter

Mar Häusler • 1 August 2018
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Linking the Schumacher Community Newsletter with the Network


It has been great to see the Schumacher network grow over recent times and I have much enjoyed working with Mar to see how we can best work together.


The intention behind the newsletter


I started the newsletter some two years ago with a view to bringing an in-depth and where appropriate personal story about the various people and activities within the college. During that time, I have focused all the postgraduate courses with the exception of mythology – and I’m still working on that! We looked at craft, the gardens, the kitchen, volunteering and the many and various supporting roles within the college. The collection of copies I like to feel provides a living description of all that is good within Schumacher.


Just to give you a flavour ….


Recent Topics


Anyone who missed the July newsletter might want to read it as Mar introduces herself and her role within the Network.


The month before that May/June included an update on the early stages of the Inquiry with a report from Chris Nichols and others. Alfred Whitman wrote about the 24-hour event with Schumacher Commons. We also heard of the project taking place in New Zealand and a development in France.


I love to be able to chart these events across the world. And of course, this is what the network celebrates as well.


Coming up in August


In August we hope to include an up-to-date blog from Mar, News from the library and also the garden. We plan to share some news of the various Inquiry happenings including an open drop-in meeting with Rhodri and Chris and also one with Allan and Mark. If any of these names to you this is your chance to learn more.


We hope to also hear news from a recent Brazilian visit, Juliana and her colleagues have featured often in the newsletter.


I’m also attempting to provide some background information about the people who are currently working on models for the future at the college. These are busy people and I hesitate to put a time on this, but it will hopefully happen.


Any Ideas?


If you have anything to contribute to the newsletter do please let me know and if you are not currently receiving it let me know that also. In order to subscribe you I need your first and second names and your email address. Please send to


I would love any suggestions as to how to keep the newsletter both relevant and enjoyable to the college. It is a role that I cherish but not something I can do alone!