Community Health Check July 2018

Mar Häusler • 2 August 2018
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Every month, I will be looking at the statistics behind the community activity, making observations and suggestions for how to focus the community facilitation. Please let me know what you think...


The 'KPIs' may seem rather dry, but it's the patterns we see between them that give us a sense of how things are going, where we would like to focus the facilitation support, and what community members think too. We have not rushed into the 'launch', using the time to settle into the space; this has worked out well. Online community launches are a 6 month thing - so the KPIs really start to get useful over time.


General contributions

More than 10% of the membership has felt comfortable to contribute content in the community. This is great. In July there were 248 members, 34 of whom contributed (with a blog post, resource, discussion, event or just 'post' in the stream).


These were mostly in the form of 'posts', and 'likes' and 'comments' on posts: like status updates, posts are quick updates that go by in the flow of the stream. They are good starting points for us to find our voices and get used to exchanging in the community. There were 101 'likes' and 76 'comments' to posts.


Writing longer-term content

The more long-term content, which gives the community more fibre to digest, are the 'Topics' (blogs, resources, discussions). There weren't so many topics added by members in July - only 3, but these were liked and commented on.


This tells us that it is easy and popular and working to make a 'post', and that it would be wise to guide everyone to the more long-term 'Topics'. This is partly to do with everyone being used to Facebook and its status update pattern, and partly because adding a 'post' is so easy on the software. Our community facilitation focus will be to encourage people to add 'Topics' as well as 'Posts'.



10 new groups were created by members in July. This is great news and we wish the group managers all the best. We note that the groups have been created, but have modest discussion in them - this is common in all broad communities. This tells us that the community facilitation focus also needs to support the group managers with internal support (we have started a group for group managers), and to signpost others to the groups to encourage participation (we update a page called Groups list which we will share in the community updates).


We will always do our best to champion all the groups, by making it as easy as possible to find them! 

You can see the Groups list page here:


We will capture the KPIs every month and share them. You can always see the KPIs in this spreadsheet:…