Community Health Check - May 2019

Alfred Widmann • 10 June 2019

Hello! Olá Hallo, Hola, হ্যালো, Bonjour


That means hello in the various languages used in the countries where we have had visitors this month!


Overall this month has been more active than the previous one. The amount of time spent on the network doubled from 34 hours to 61 hours. This is despite the number of users decreasing by 100. This shows that the intensity of use has increased whilst the number of users has decreased. There are 32 new users, many of whom have come from the short courses - coming down the mountain, Edible gardens and edible ecosystems & Food, Farms and Metaphysics: The Great Re-think.


In terms of engagement on the Schumacher Network Platform this month has been significantly more active. The number of likes and comments have more than doubled. In order to reach the engagement there was in December this would have to double again to go from 39 to 92. The contributing users has doubled again from last month to get to the normal levels of about 30 contributing users.


As ever if anybody has any suggestions or requests for analytics please let me know. This is our community and it is our data so let's use it in service to this community, people and planet.


Platform Analytics

Throughout this month the size of the network grew by 32 users (2.8%) totalling 1138 users. Contributing members have increased back to 33. This is good news, it is contributing users who add value to the network platform. Contributing members either produce a blog post, resource, discussion, event or just 'post' in the stream - or liking or commenting instead.


These were mostly in the form of 'posts', and 'likes' and 'comments' on posts: like status updates, posts are quick updates that go by in the flow of the stream.  They are good starting points for us to find our voices and get used to exchanging in the community.


Writing longer-term content

The community can create “Topics” (blogs, resources & discussions). This is longer term content that can become material for future community members as they are searchable. We will also feature this content on our newsletters, so it is a useful way for you to reach out to the community. This is a way to bring the knowledge and wisdom of the community to the surface and make it available for others to build on. There are 9 new topics which have been added to the community this month.



This month there were two new groups created. On the whole new groups should be kept to a miminum as it looks as though there are too many groups and not enough discussion within them. This coming month we will start consolidating the groups so that we can develop some more focused discussion.


We update a page called Groups list which we will share in the community updates which is a directory of groups.


We will always do our best to champion all the groups, by making it as easy as possible to find them! If you are running a group please feel free to get in touch or join a tea room to find out how we could support you.


You can see the Groups list page here:

We will capture the KPIs every month and share them. You can always see the KPIs in this spreadsheet:


Here are two graphs that I would like to share with you, lets see what happens next month!

Graph of Network KPI's over its existence

Rate of change of KPIs


Lets see if we can get another month of growth of contributing users!

Google analytics

This month the average session duration was 6:33 minutes, being about double of last month. The average time on a page was 1:34 minutes being about the same as last month. The number of sessions has remained effectively the same at 567. This month the countries with the most users are still topped by the UK and US, however Brazil takes third place and Germany fourth. This month sessions from Peru have the longest time on page at 15:33, Mozambique and Bangladesh have also been spending a similar amount of time on pages at around 5 minutes.


To view the Google analytics report follow this link