Community Update August 2018

Mar Häusler • 31 August 2018
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August - mid-summer in Europe was a quieter month with a time to prepare for our big invitation in September. We are going to send a mail to about 15,000 people through the college mailing list. 


Our plan is to send out the big invitation in the second week. We look forward to having more of the community joining - and are expecting it to be quite a ride! 


Despite the quiet month, several updates, blogs and many new events have been shared on the Schumacher Network. At the college they are busy getting ready to welcome the new Master students who will be arriving end of this week - we look forward to welcoming them onto the network soon!


Ying Liang an Economics for Transition alumni from 2016 has opened a beautiful “Schumi Learning Garden” in Southern part of China. Julie Richardson took part in the opening ceremony and it feels like another Schumi seed has been sown in the East.


China Group


We hope to get more of an update from Ying soon on the space and what is blossoming there!


Rafaela an alumni of Economics for Transition shared a blog about her experience at “Plum Village” the visit was inspired by Tim Crabtree and Kaira Jewel teaching at the college. Have a read about her experience on the mindfulness spiritual retreat:


Plum Village



Exciting events shared on the Network by alumni and friends of the college...


Pepik an alumni from one of the first Holistic Science courses in 2000, is holding the “Open pastures festival” from the 10th to 12th September in the Netherlands, it is the 10 year celebration of the social enterprise “Mister Lion”. Contact him : Pepik | +31 6 234 68 381


Mister Lion Gathering


Sarah Gray, the last Student Union President of the Dartington College of Arts (founded in 1961 and closed the Dartington site in 2010) is organising an event the “Stream: A Series of Transdisciplinary Rituals and Experiments in Art and Music” that will be taking place in Dartington from the 7th to 9th September. It is an opportunity for alumni to gather together, voices to be heard and stories to be shared after the heartbreaking closure giving the opportunity to heal wounds.

Tickets and registration