Community Update January 2019

Mar Häusler • 7 February 2019


We trust that you have all had a good start to 2019 and look to co-creating the Schumacher Network together this year.

January has been a quieter month online after the December buzz around the Schumi Wave, Christmas and New Years.

We are re-visiting the PURPOSE and exploring the members interests and pursuits. Soon you will be receiving a questionnaire in the newsletter which will help us serve you better and develop the future business plan for the network. This questionnaire will also give you the opportunity to ask a question to the community too!


On the Schumacher Network

Online Open Day

On the 1st February, the first online Open Day took place for Schumacher College. There was a live panel Q&A, meditation with Satish and lots more for more information or access to the resources :


Rural Villages

Call out on the network, Jana Joanna Milbou made a call to find anyone who knows projects around the world in regeneration of abandoned rural villages.

A few current students are dreaming this up any information please share!


The Mother Tree

Schumacher college inspired tree nursery brought out a calendar for 2019. Check it out :


Alumni led events

Next Gathering

The next "Murmuration" alumni gathering is announced for the end of May 24th to 27th in Oosterknollerndam at Pepik & Fleur's (alumni from the college). Join other alumni from across the world to connect, share ideas and be in wonder together!


Holland Murmuration


Thanks to the wonderful organizing team to make it happen :) - Juliana, Pepik, Delia and Manu.

More information:

A short movie about the place :

For bookings email

For further information :


Pepik's House



Active member's - focused on Art this month

Sonomi Sada is a very active member on the network with her art projects. This month she shared several new projects with the "plum" flowers from Japan, celebrated in spring - with an invitation to Japan.



Muriel Soriano coordinated the ACTTT (art & creativity TTT) - with an art trail focused on the theme of Clear Water. This brought together different social groups - artits, schools & businesses to raise awareness.

The exhibition is active 10th Jan to 14th Feb : Post Trail exhibit in the Ariel Center.




Other initiatives around the world

Jay Tompt from the REconomy center and many other initiatives shared an event about his sharing on his trip in South Korea and Japan. Connecting to locally-led projects and grass-roots movements in Asia - learning about local models to share. Cross pollination!


On Wednesday 20th February, Jay will be leading a workshop in London on "Network Entrepreneur" where he will drawn on his scope of experience as part of the Stir to Action "New Economy Program".

More details:


Sam Chevallier, an active alumni in South Africa has been actively sharing his project - check out

Get inspired by the beauty of South Africa!


Update on the situation at Schumacher College

From Judy Allen's newsletter -

Thinking back to the situation described in the December newsletter it is fair to say that a simply huge amount of work has been accomplished following the closure of the Old Postern main building. Courses are running up in the Elmhirst Centre and Higher Close kitchen is providing the majority of meals currently. The three week electives are already underway in this venue. The library as you will read below has also been moved 'up the hill.'

There is more to do, of course, but thanks to the efforts of all concerned, college life continues on a day to day basis. On the personnel side, Jenny Mackewn has stepped down from her role as Interim Head of College and that role is now being held jointly by Mark Taylor and Tracey Warr (head of programmes and research). There are plans to advertise for a full time head of college.

The current situation is best summed up in a letter written by Andrea Kuhn, Communications Co-ordianator and sent to the Dartington Parish Council.

"The 15th Century Old Postern, once the Old Parsonage, was due to undergo repairs on the roof at the end of last year, however closer investigation revealed the roof had deteriorated quicker than anticipated and had affected the entire building. The building which is grade II* listed is now expected to be closed for at least two years while the work is carried out."

Mark Taylor, newly responsible for non-­academic staff at the College, a learning community which runs short courses, post graduate programmes and a six-month horticulture residency, admitted it had been a serious blow for staff and students.

"Originally we were advised the work would take a couple of months. We had no idea the damage would be so extensive and that we would have to close the entire building."

"Fortunately we're luckier than others might be in this position. There are a number of buildings on the Dartington estate that have been made available to us so it's helped minimise disruption."

Some teaching and library facilities will now be in the historic Elmhirst Centre, next to the Great Hall on the estate and a student refectory, TV room and additional library have been established at Higher Close. Craft Revolution will remain at the Chicken Shed and study for horticulture courses will also remain in the Craft Education building, next to the Old Postern.

"We've had to make temporary plans to support the current masters students until April, but we will be announcing a long term plan shortly which will be in place for the duration of the work on the Old Postern", added Mr Taylor. "Any work on listed buildings takes longer than usual as there are strict guidelines on the type of materials that can be used and how the work is carried out."