Community Update July 2018

Mar Häusler • 25 July 2018

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of online as well as offline activity taking place around the Schumacher Network and Schumacher communities.

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I am very excited to give a sneak preview of the newest function to be migrated onto the Schumacher Network - the search function with a global map to locate others across the world!


Search Function Map


So please do fill out your personal profiles so that you will appear on the map upon launch.

Benjamin Butler who started the group “Imagination Lab @ Emerging Future” on the Schumacher Network conducted two live interview this month with Echan Deravy titled  “Dialogues: A Scottish Samurai” and Dr Stephan Harding about his personal odyssey and about working at the frontiers of science, and all the trials, tribulations and joys.


Call Screenshot


A very interesting conversation with Echan Deravy and him sharing about his barefoot walk across Iceland, his life in Japan and giving his suggestion of staying connected to spend at least an hour alone per week in nature. 

Brings me and I am sure many back to memories of the Redwoods and the Dart River…


Dart River


Picture taken last week when I was back at Schumacher College and got to spend a few hours alone in nature.


At the college I facilitated a meeting specifically targeted at faculty and staff to show the Network, demonstrate the functions and share about what has been happening as well as inviting them online. It was a wonderful turnout with great sharing and ideas… 

Shot and Tell Staff

Staff Show and Tell 2

Staff Show and Tell 3


Louise Rainbow who was there from the beginning shared during the show and tell her initial experience with the crowdfunding for the Schumacher Network and contributed :

"Think Tank for Hope -  When Schumacher College occupied London

During the summer of 2014 in the heat of the July sunshine, Schumacher College went on a mission. 

A mission to create the Schumacher experience in the heart of London. To make a moment of beauty in the hustle and bustle in the centre of Kings Cross.

Staff, tutors, participants, alumni, volunteers filled a coach, left Devon, picking up people on the way and headed to the capitol. To the Eco Hub in the centre of London.

We took with us the sights sounds and smells of the College; food, flowers, carpets, gongs, …

We occupied London for one night with a packed house of friends, politicians, makers, thinkers, press, media and all to raise the case for Hope.

It was a reunion, a gathering, a sharing. Inspirational speakers, hope and aspiration. To change. To support the College and its future. Think Tank for Hope was a huge success.

That evening we launched the Crowdfunder Campaign for The Schumacher Network

The rest is history"

Crowd Funding SNP

Since Jonathan Dawsons research paper with Stephen Sterling and Paul Warwick (Plymouth University) has been shared on the network - he would love your thoughts and feedback!!


There have been several other very interesting posts about future events such as a dream about a potential Schumacher Summer School in Slovenia by Azul Valerie Thome, who is in Slovenia sharing her work around Soul, Water and the sacred work of Grief composting that was born from her MA in Ecological Design Thinking. Look at the beautiful land and drinkable river water…



… Another alumni group are organising a Schumacher Alumni Gathering in Romania this autumn. There will be a pilgrimage from the 5-8th November in the Carpathian wilderness. It will be a time of co-creating the space as well as adventure and contemplation. The gathering from the 8-11th November, is to celebrate and strengthen connections, and to spend time together in nature.

Contact for more information and registration.


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