Community Update November 2018

Mar Häusler • 18 December 2018

November has been a busy month online as well as offline for the Schumacher Community.

Many new topics, events and ideas were shared on the network - come online to check these out!


On the Schumacher Network

The first Schumacher Network Gift Circle Group call took place, sharing NEEDS/REQUESTS and OFFERINGS to the community. Join the group and be part of the movement (on the Schumacher Wave that took place on the 1st/2nd December the idea about a LETS / Schumi currency was also explored). 


Gift Circle Call


The first weekend of December there was the second Schumi Online Global Wave - it was wonderful to connect friends of the college, alumni and current students around various different topics! 


Wave Picture


Check out the blog post and the resources.


Alumni led events in Europe

The Murmuration Alumni Gathering in Romania took place, alumni from across the world gathered there, shared, connected with the local community.


Gratitude shared about the event shared from the group :

Our hearts are full of gratitude... to life, to each of you, to the great mystery unfolding. We would like to express a special thank you to those of you who shared abundance, as that made possible the participation of those on supported fees, and helped with the food and accommodation for our amazing volunteer team. Thank you! Much gratitude to the land that received us so abundantly, and to the place that opened its wisdom up for us, and held us with such care. We hope this strengthens our connection to each other, and to the Universe itself. Our hearts are full of love, and we cannot wait to see you all/ each very very soon.

Video's from Romania.

Romania Alumni Gathering


SAVE THE DATE! (one of the) Next Schumacher Worldwide Murmurations

Pilgrimage 20- 23 May 2019

Gathering 23- 26 May 2019

NETHERLANDS, near Amsterdam


Alumni Gathering Netherlands


The second edition of the Schumacher Murmuration gathering also took place in Brazil. Check out the pictures of the event!


Murmuration Brazil


Murmuration Brazil 2


Murmuration Brazil 3


Schumacher Vibes in Paris - in October Olivier Maurel and the group hosted an event of over 2000 people in the famous cinema Grand Rex in Paris to launch Satish’s book “Soil, Soul, Society”.


Paris Satish EventSatish Paris EventParis Event Hall


Check out the video of the event in Paris!

Satish will be in Paris and Belgium in January for more events, in the meantime get some SATISHFACTION online on the new platform that was produced by MyLittleParis & Alfred as they fell in love with Satish and wanted to share his message more widely.

Changing our habits for the planet can often bring frustration. What if it brought satisfaction instead ?


Have a look at the new platform to spread Satish’s message and good advice for every day.

Check out the Schumacher Network to connect to the French and Belgian groups to see what is happening there and the new events planned for January!

For the Belgium Sprouts group on Facebook


College Life

Coming directly out of the college, Julia Ponsonby published yet another book pocket size with some good advice.. This one is called “Mindful thoughts for Cooks, Nourishing body & soul”.


Mindful Cook Book


Another emergence from the college by is its own fruit and nut tree nursery, with all funds raised invested back into to the gardens and horticulture programs. Ella Sparks Nursery coordinator shared the website that is now live and taking orders for trees, ready to be planted this autumn/winter. 

The Mother Tree website.


Other initiatives around the World

Sam Chevallier an alumni from South Africa has been very active over the last weeks on the network sharing his work down under and what else bubbling up - such as fundraising initiatives  for Plant a Seed and the Rewilding Project.

A Biomimicry course in the Kruger National Park from 10 to 14th April 2019.