Community Update October 2018

Mar Häusler • 31 October 2018

Gift Circle 

This month a group inspired by Gift Economy, a group of alumni created an open group at the Schumacher Network called “Gift Circle”. The idea is for all interested to exchange talents and support each other. It’s an invitation to share your needs and offers with the community.

Gift Circle Invitation


First meeting will take place TOMORROW 1st October at 1pm UK time. Come and join the gift circle meeting to see how you can get involved.

Bia an alumni and who has taken on the college 'bridge role' shared, “We believe that among us there are wonderfully skilled people and that we have a lot to give and receive from each other. The exchange doesn't need to be direct, which means that you don't need to give and receive from the same person.

The needs can be as practical as a help with the design of your project logo, but also more open as a session to share your moment with others and receive feedbacks.

We believe that the 'Gift Circle' can enable collaboration and foster projects to take form.

Shall we start and give it a try?”

Join the gift circle group


College Events

As mentioned in the Harvest Blog it was apple picking and pressing month at the college! Students, volunteers, gardeners, cooks, community members and many others got involved in the events. More than 1500 bottles of apple juice were pressed for the new year at the college.

Apple Pressing


Apple Pressing 3


Apple Pressing Kitchen


Events around the world

Mato Grosso

Moacyr Bittencourt shared some wonderful pictures about his trip to Mato Grosso where he met with Kayapo Great Chief Raoni.


Mato Grosso


Moacyr shared about his work and experience :

“As part of my work at the Brazilian Fund for Biodiversity I manage nature conservation and sustainable development projects with the indigenous tribes of Mato Grosso - Brazil in a REDD+ Program (REDD for Early Movers), funded by the German KfW and British BEIS.

The Indigenous Territories component of the Program reaches 43 different ethnic groups and supports the consolidation of Indigenous reserves by granting resources to a series of initiatives implemented by the local communities in education, infrastructure, local economy (sustainable non timber extractivism) and cultural rescue. Great Chief Raoni attended our meeting at the Kapoty Jarina Kayapo Reserve, held on the second week of October.”


Mato Grosso


To find out more about the project :


Message for Brazil from Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar shared a message for the Brazilian community and alumni with the elections that took place last weekend. 


Alumni Projects

Rafa Scheiffer, Diana Behrens and Jo Ridley, alumni from Schumacher College shared projects, events and ideas they are working on. Have a look at what alumni are starting and getting involved in.

The Hummingbird Plan : Rafa Scheiffer

Rafa since her dissertation worked with climate and water, she has some new ides check them out "The Hummingbird Plan " and she is making a call out to partners, mentors, people and for feedback.

Holistic Vision - The Symposium : Diana Behrens

Diana is working on an initiate called "Holistic Vision - The Symposium", she shares that "the structure of the symposium was designed by 12 shamans across the world focusing on how to get practical solutions."

The Body Talks Free Challenge : Jo Ridley

Jo Ridley is sharing her gifts through the online course “The Body Talks Free Challenge”. She looks at illness through a new lens moving from fixing the problem to engaging in a new “relationship with our bodies, our thinking mind and our connection to life”. Jo shares that “I believe the main way we can make this shift is by getting real about our current situation, taking responsibility, releasing old traumas, forgiving, loving ourselves and then consciously choosing relationships, careers, food, activities and thoughts that fully support and nurture us.”


Pilgrimage & Alumni Gathering Romania

Last shout out for the pilgrimage and alumni gathering taking place in Romania from the 5th to 11th November.

Join other alumni with Satish and June in Romania - Alumni Gathering and website.


Romania Pictures

The Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage will be a 3 day journey through the Carpathian wilderness, a place of adventure and contemplation. We will walk +/- 10 km per day and sleep in local lodges, and you will pay your host directly.

The Gathering

We are organising a new gathering to celebrate and strengthen our connections, to meet new friends, exchange ideas and share our gifts and talents. During the gathering we will co-create a temporary community, with open space for facilitated sessions and the sharing of practical projects and research. Our time together will also be in opportunity to engage with the local natural and cultural landscape.


The gathering will be in the village of Dealu Negru, 56km west of Cluj Napoca, a stone throw away from Apuseni Natural Park in North West Transylvania. Most of the villagers are looking forward to welcoming you on their land. Some have offered to host, and so on the booking form you will have the choice of staying in people’s houses or in local B&Bs. With your preference, we will make the booking for you.


As always there will be spontaneous merriment and great local food! Moreover, the land around Dealu Negru is rich and abundant, and people are bursting with creativity, so we will organise a delicatessen pantry and craft stall, and you can bring home some of the local delights that you are almost certain to fall in love with.



Very inspiring sharing from Adriana Dorsett of her gifts, some beautiful poems and a blog.

"The Ascent and Worship of Winning"

"The Train"

"There, where nothing is"

Poem: "There, where nothing is"

A web illuminated by reflections

Dawning in the midst of dreams, disappearing on awakening

Infinitesimal fragments, forming in twilight 

Invisible impressions, escaping all perception  

Echoes lost in space, or consigned to unrequiting place

Shaded to the senses, dimension elusive comprehensions 

Slipping between fingers, running past the grasp

Sounds tuned out made far away, like the lives of others

Beyond influence, suspended in shelter's tender folds

Nameless, out of sight and unremembered

Unproven and denied, evading traction and exiled

There, just out of reach, where nothing is; a perfect place to resides.


Autumn Pictures

In line with the autumn blog and call out, Sonoma Sada shared a wonderful picture from the Aburayama citizen’s forest.


Autumn Pictures