Community Update September 2018

Mar Häusler • 2 October 2018

The Schumacher Online Community is alive and thriving...

September has been a very busy month on the Schumacher Network! After several months of preparation the wider community was invited online on the 11th of September through a communication sent from the college.

Members are arriving

There was a flurry of activity with the membership numbers almost tripling in September and people finding their way into the online community. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this process and bringing the Schumacher Network alive!

It is inspiring and exciting to see the diversity of people who are joining from across different courses and connections with the college.

This month new active members joined from the Maldives, New Mexico, Japan, New Zealand and all across the UK. The membership directory - map function is filling up! Use it to find people near you or across the globe to connect with.

Community members' blog posts

Check out some of the new blog posts shared by members of the community, Chris Breen shared a blog “I am Good Enough” , Robert Porter shared a blog about teachers and alternative education and Pedro Portela shared a blog post on “Happy networks are all alike”.

It’s incredible to see the diversity of interest and knowledge shared on the network! Please do share some of your blog posts, ideas and open conversations with others around topics that interest you.

Are you interested in Impact Investing?

Paul Pizzala has made a call out to anyone interested on working in the field of impact investing raising finance and advising projects, come and find others on the network who share similar interest to build new bridges and connections.

Alumni experiences after college

I have recently started sharing some interview questions for alumni from the college to share their experience since leaving the college and how their lives and rightlivelihoods have unfolded. If you would like to be featured and interviewed to share your experience that can touch many more lives please send me an email

Groups are thriving - join in

As well as several new groups have been opened by new members, such as Jacky Lawrence opening a group around “Nuturing a bond between child and nature” check out the groups list and see if something could interest you. 

Romania gathering: November 2018

A group of alumni are organising a pilgrimage and gathering in Romania from the 5th to 11th November. This is a great opportunity to connect to alumi and friends of the college post Schumacher experience, walking accompanied by Satish and June in the lush nature of the Carpathian wilderness.

What’s been happening at the college?

At the college there was the harvest lunch and farewell to this year growers. Sharing what has been grown in the gardens around the college and coming together to celebrate the equinox move into the autumn months - another period of transition.

Harvest Picture

Harvest Lunch Group Picture

Apart from bidding our farewells, the new Masters students have arrived at the college for the start of 3 Masters - Economics for Transition, Ecological Design Thinking and Holistic Science.

The shining faces of the Economics for Transition Masters below… hopefully they will be sharing insights and inspirations from their courses with us along the way!

Economics for Transition Group 2018-2019

… and across the oceans at Escola Schumacher Brazil they opened a house in Sao Paulo for the Schumacher community to gather, run courses, share ideas, work together and celebrate!!

Juliana Schneider said

this is an experiment to see what wants to emerge out of this space

A rather exciting time for Schumacher Worldwide with the launch of the network and connections made across the globe to Escola Schumacher Brazil.

Escola House Opening


Escola Group Picture


Thank you!

Once again, I would like to recognize the work of everyone who has been part of shaping the Schumacher Network and carving out the space for the online community!

The crowdfunders and support of backers who have given the financial support to materialise this wonderful project and who trust and believe in the importance of the network.

Julie Richardson, Rob Woodford, Jon Rae, Lou Rainbow.. And many others who take the initiative of planning and crowdfunding for the initial developments. Ed and Laura for the strong support and dedication to get the platform up and running in the current version (including Emily’s wonderful ground work) and the many hours of volunteering by alumni and students, who brainstormed the development phases. With the support of the communications team Annie and Andrea we have made it to where we are! 

I know that many others have dedicated endless hours and support - with gratitude for bringing this to life!

…. And now it rests in the hands of the community to shape the developments of the next phases!

 Let’s continue to connect, communicate and collaborate.