The direction of the Schumacher Network

Mar Häusler • 22 April 2019


Initially, the Schumacher Network was dreamt up by alumni, students, friends of the college and staff to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate.


The vision and the flame for this is still very much alive!


As the process to get the network on its feet and running took several years, the initial decision was made to produce a basic platform with functions that allow members to connect and communicate. 

Using the feed to share in the moment insights, creating events and putting up blogs. There is the option of holding groups and initiating discussions...


The question now sits with its users on how it sees the future developments from here.


I have had several lengthy and deep conversations ranging from alumni, students, friends of the college...and others.

From all these talks what has become evident is that a Purpose for the network is missing - beyond a communication platform for which many other tools exist. 

What alumni have shared a lot is that after the college a network, web of support or a way to move ideas and projects to the next stage is missing.

Somewhere to share ideas, get others involved from the Schumacher Network possibly through its own currency or exchange mechanism and bringing projects to life.

A place to share the projects in different areas, attract others living close or travelling through and making these happen. Giving the tools and a space for alumni to bring to life ideas and possibly a platform to then receive funding for this.

In essence the support for the new economy being formed where people are developing their right livelihood. 


How does that resonate with you? 

What could you envision the Schumacher Network moving into?


Alfred is currently exploring a way that we can share projects already happening so that we can take the first step in this direction. 

Check out this tool he has set up for the community to share projects :


Let dream up and create the path together