Escola Schumacher Brazil - House Opening in Sao Paulo

Mar Häusler • 26 September 2018
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Last week Escola Schumacher Brazil officially opened their house in Sao Paulo in Vila Madalena. 

As I was in Brazil it was such a lovely synchronicity to be there for the opening celebration - there was food, music, a fire, dancing and lovely conversations & connections... and a little tree climbing :) to add to the magic. It reminded me of all the special moments shared at the Old Postern.

It is incredible that the essence of Schumacher College can be felt in the formless across the oceans and the interactions shared are with the special quality!

Escola House


Juliana said that the house is an experiment, "Escola Brazil received funding to make this project happen for the next year."

Alumni and friends are coming together to see what shape it wants to take, with ideas about holding evening talks, opening the space for alumni to share their work, an open day a week as a co-working and collaboration space as well as potential offering courses in the house. Without a doubt there will be some soirees and celebration with music, dance and home made "honey alcohol". Brazilians are very good at celebrating!


Escola Fire


If you are every passing through Brazil or would like to connect to Escola Schumacher Brazil visit their website.


It is always inspiring for me to travel and connect to Schumacher College inspired communities and projects around the world. The incredible thing is that the unnamed essence of what we have all experienced at the college is alive and lighting other flames across the world!