Global Wave

Mar Häusler • 7 December 2018
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The past weekend we had the second Schumacher Global Wave.


Schumi Wave


The opening event was a tour with the Schumi Learning Garden in China, with the new group showing us their space and then exploring the college with them live online. East meets West!


Throughout the weekend there were many other exciting conversations with members and friends dropping in and out. The topics covered ranged from Schumacher Worldwide, explorations around the Network, to a conversation about working Live and an open tea time for discussions.


The program continued into Sunday with the planning for the next Murmuration gathering in Holland in May, the exploration of a Schumacher Currency, Holistic science in action and lots more.


Check out the schedule on the event page to get in touch with the any of the coordinators of the groups to get involved with the conversations. There is also a google document where some of the sessions are minuted, this is a collaborative document so please share your minutes on there if you have any :-).

Some coordinators will be creating working groups on the Schumacher Network to engage with and others will hopefully share a little of their discussion with the wider community. The Schumacher network platform allows us to continue the conversations and actions online on respective groups, topics and posts.


The main ideas for the community network that blossomed were:


(1) Live Listings of places and spaces to be used for gatherings by the Schumacher Community :


(2) Schumacher Online Tea Room : Saturdays to have a 2 hour slot on an open Zoom room to drop in and have a cup of tea with others and share ideas.


(3) Monthly lectures / talks / sharing to learn from someone else in the community and exciting speakers.


(4) Schumacher currency - a community currency or LETS


It was very inspiring to connect to other alumni, friends of the college and current students to share stories, with new connections being made and old ties fostered. Many new collaborations are sprouting such as projects in Portugal being explored and the dream of a Schumacher currency or LETS system.


Please feel free to share any resources discussed and further ideas


It's up us the community to work together and develop the future of our online community! Thank you to everyone who participated and gave their time and dedication to the wave.




Some resources mentioned during the wave:


Jeff Recco

The 1st documentary mentioned « Tomorrow »

The 2nd one seen with Tzy-Ping « Apres demain »


Julie Richardson


Jacob Rsk shared : "Building a Movement"


Alfred Widmann - Was thinking about channelling funds through this platform


Paul Pizzala shared :

How has the process of working changed in the time you have worked together?


Our work is dispersed and diverse. It has always been like this. The intensity and amplitude has had fluctuations and modulations. The fluctuations change the way we get arranged, and arrange, our working mode. When we were working for almost ten to twelve hours a day in projects at Sarai the joke was that we were Raqs from sunset to sunrise and Saria from sunrise to sunset. It was an intense period of juggling many impulses and unfoldings. The inner life of the working process would inevitably change and it has only become more challenging and intuitive with time. The after-life of ideas and materials are much more entangled. Face recognition has become much more perceptive! Divergences have intensified and disagreement flourishes. It is more anarchic now than in our early days.


Ideas leak from one work process to another, and sometimes this makes for serendipitous epiphanies; sometimes it makes for a distracted, or diffused attention span. Yet the process of having many different parts of our beings deployed at dealing with different things, at different levels of maturity, occurring at different velocities, while imagining different possibilities also produces a thickly textured environment within our triangulated consciousness. Things go through thicker layers, many different kinds of filters, many different twists and turns in the networked plumbing of our thought. Our guess is that this is an unthought, subterranean flow in every person’s life, as it remains outside of speech as it is not asked of the individual, The questions that you ask make us speak in such ways about the sense of collective lives and the presence of morphic resonances. If and when human beings will lose confidence in the exaltation of individuality, and subjugated collectivity, of twentieth century ideas of life, perhaps these questions will appear as a matter of course, and open every night to the universe.