Harvest Blog Post

Mar Häusler • 12 October 2018

What does harvest mean to you?


Harvest seem to be celebrated in many cultures in northern Europe linked to paganism - in other cultures this time is honored in its own ways through celebration, offerings and giving gratitude. In the northern hemisphere this is the time of the year that is arriving, where the fruits and gifts of the earth and picked for the winter months.


Apple Harvest


How is it celebrated in your culture?


Many who are connected to the college have a deep bond with the earth and are engaged in land based projects - I am inviting you to share with the community about what’s happening in your gardens, allotments, forests, parks, windows sills - pictures, photos, poems.. whatever form that can be shared with the online community.


As the focus at the college is around the apples harvest, Julia Ponsonby kindly shared an apple cake recipe from Gaia’s Fest for us to bake. I am inviting you to engage by trying the recipe and sharing you pictures with the community.


Apple Cake Recipe 


Apple Cake Round


October, the month of harvest in the Northern hemisphere. Yet in the South with our Brazilian, New Zealand and other community members spring is arriving do share pictures of the blossoms from your part of the earth.


In the Schumacher College life cycle - apple picking and pressing is the focus of the community!


Yesterday (Thursday 11th October) was apple picking day, Julia shared her experience of the day...


"it was very rainy in the morning so we ended up eating our picnic in the college - a healthy bean stew including wonderful greek gigante beans grown by Ella.  After that the sky cleared and many of us apart from a handful of PG students busy on assignments made our way to the orchard and lots of lovely red apples were gathered - some people climbed trees while others gathered windfalls.  The sound of the trees being shaken and the apples tumbling down on a tarpaulin was so thunderous you might think a stampede of horses was approaching!"


As many who have been to the college are aware of, the majority (if not all) of the apple juice comes from apples from the orchard that are picked and pressed at the college.


The weekend of 20th and 21st of October will be apples pressing time, and we hope to have a live zoom for the online community to connect with the college during this event. Stay tuned!!