The "Schumacher Map" is Alive!

Mar Häusler • 10 August 2018

“... We have been longing for this for many years… to keep in touch, it matters to be part of a community in a global way - to have an easy and practical way to search for others, their interests, cities (Juliana, Brazil)”


I am thrilled to share that the ‘People Finder’ has been released on the Schumacher Network - come and check it out and see where the members are residing, sharing and connecting!


Map of the Schumacher Network Search Function


This is the beginning of a great thing…


The People Finder is a search engine and a map to help us connect. You can either zoom in and out using the map to find others around the world, or you can use the filters to find them based on their connection to the college, course, year or other specifics. Wow! 

Currently we have 141 members on the People Finder, it’s a wonderful way to find others connected to Schumacher College around the world, near you or where want to travel and connect to… 

There are 257 of us currently in the Network so for those of you who have not added their location - please fill out your profiles with your location - so that you can be found on the map.


... Did I say that we need everyone to fill out their profiles for this to really take off? Yes please you really need to fill out your profiles for this to work! 


We will be doing a big outreach with the college in early September, when everyone comes back to their computers. We will be sending out emails to 12,000 people, and reckon that the map will really take off then, so we have August to try it out, find issues, suggestion improvements and make sure it can take the heat when it gets busier.


We try not to go into technical details as they are aren’t what we are about - however, the People Finder is a brilliant piece of work by Laura Whitehead, the Digital Manager. She had to do a lot of fiddly technical work to get this done and we are opening a trail for the wider community of users who use the ‘Open Social’ software distribution - so we hope that it may be adopted elsewhere - in true Open Source style. Well done Laura! 


Community, please come join us online and make yourself visible so that you and others can connect, communicate and collaborate!