Schumacher Network : 1st blog post on early activities - June 2018

Mar Häusler • 2 July 2018

Welcome to the Schumacher Network! This is the first of my blog posts, and I am very excited to share what is happening around the Schumacher Network community.

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A little update on what took place over the past 2 weeks and what’s coming up...
On the 19th June, the first official "Show and Tell" for the Schumacher Network took place at Schumacher College and online. People joined from across the college and globally - stretching from South Africa, Europe, to South America with the presence of Efecto Mariposa and Escola Schumacher Brazil.

Shot and Tell Online group


It was wonderful to have many present and giving their feedback on “What is the most important thing that the Schumacher Network needs to do?” (quote are at the end of the blog)


Show and Tell Group in the Poster


The next “Show and Tell” will take place on Tuesday 10th July at 1:30pm BST, join online to walk through the website and have an open discussion and ask questions. 
Zoom linke to join :


Following the Soft Launch, on the 21st June we had a lovely gathering online organised by Alejandra Balcazar Balcazar from "Efecto Mariposa" in Colombia. Mariana Gómez spoke about "Amazon Rights" in Colombia and a group has been set up "Amazon Rights" to follow this topic, share and continue discussions. Karina Miotto who is very active in Brazil for the Amazonian Rights is also part of the group! Come and join to find out more…

Amazon Rights

Coming up this week...

Benjamin Butler started the group “Imagination Lab @ Emerging Future” on the Schumacher Network and is organising the an interview with questions and answers online “Dialogues: A Scottish Samurai” with Echan Deravy about the human odyssey and the future.
Join us for the session online on Friday 6th July at 12:25 BST. 

On the 17th July, a wider communication about the Schumacher Network will go out on the official the communication channels. So please do join us then for another Online session to connect to new members and whom would like another “Show and Tell” to walk through the network. Dates and Times will be confirmed shortly! 

Looking forward to sharing more of what is bubbling up in the community and across the globe!

“What is the most important thing that the Schumacher Network needs to do?”
- Be aware of our strength as a community around the world to feel our power and increase our power, in each country 
- Potential as a space to unleash the collective intelligence and collective passion - anything will be an amazing start - self-organising - love to see a powerful search engine, so I can type in a place, and hone down to interests and passions 
- Longing for this for many years, keep in touch, matters to be part of a community in a global way - easy and practical way to search for others, their interests, cities
- Great to connect to each other, truly nourish each other to go forth into the world 
- Maintain us connected, who we are, what we are doing in general, meet people when we travel​
- Have enriching and good conversations with people to bring light and joy into what you are doing 
- Connect people and show what people are doing, learning opportunities, pilot for what we can do together 
- Connect to people - who are practicing - not from reading books but doing stuff 
- Tool to access people’s skills and knowledge, access living room conversations 
- Move on and touch more people, stop the rhythm of our lives, we are part of the thing and not just observers ​
- Collaborate - way of knowing what people are doing - way to find them - find and connect to others ​
- Collaborate, work together, be connected, synergies, in a global town
- Collaboration, multiplicities 
- Collaboration and connection, continuing to create a movement for change in the world 
- Keep the connection between people - keep Schumacher alive - know more people around the world  collaborations 
- When we finish our courses, we want to stay together, and create and conserve this community, support each other - and to go offline and do things together ​​
- These enquiries are the future of Schumacher, big story of connecting it all together ​​