Schumacher Network Governance Update

Mar Häusler • 16 August 2018

The Schumacher Network is launched and moving gently from Open Beta to Open. Thank you everyone for your involvement, guidance and support.


The SNP Core Group is focused on the early stages of the Schumacher Network launch, managing the software, supporting new members, and gradually settling everyone in over the summer. Jon Rae has stepped down from the group, and Julie Richardson sees her role changing over the next couple of months. The focus for the next few months is on settling in, and we hope to move to broader governance conversations in the autumn.


We invite everyone to join the Network and help co-create the space in detail and more broadly.


There are three specific groups in the Network where we hope to have the governance conversations:

(1)  Website Technology Group: for anyone wanting to share a feature suggestion, bug report etc.

(2)  Heart Group: the longer term space for conversations around governance

(3) . Facilitators Group: for online group managers to co-create the culture and processes for groups