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Alfred Widmann • 14 June 2019
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May in the Schumacher Network

This is the 7th Schumacher Network newsletter and I have just realized It's been about a year since it Launched! I guess this calls for a year in review reflection in our next newsletter, do feel free to post any of your personal highlights on the network too to help us get as broader picture as possible. 

This month we have engaged a lot with the online/offline dynamic. We all know that offline communications are "live", a place where we can sense and respond to what is to our fullest capacities. When we engage with people in online platforms such as the SNP we are relatively blind to many of these abilities we have. So really this platform's role is in facilitating real life meetings, events & projects. 

It can facilitate these things by making connections available to its members that would not otherwise be possible. The people finder is one such too where you can find people by location, interest and expertise. We are working on developing further which is featured further down in this newsletter.

One example is that the Murmurations group in holland, where Alumni and Friends from Europe and worldwide came together to share projects, ideas and ways to collaborate together. The organizers of this event were able to use the Schumacher Network invite members who were in the area on their "walk and talk" session on Sunday.

We have also been encouraging the location based groups to use the people finder to invite people who are in the relevant locations to that group so you can connect about issues that are relevant to those specific localities. 

It is important to remember that this is not a social media site, it is an online community that is very much rooted in live practice, the trick is how much do we need to feed into the digital world in order to enable projects and events in the real world.

So without further ado featured in this month's newsletter

  • Schumacher College has published its search for a new head of college
  • Various Alumni Projects and featured events
  • How to use the people finder video explainer
  • Video for the month - Wendell Berry - From Theory to Practice
  • Forthcoming events
  • Various featured topics posted on the network, in particular Mar Hausers account of the Murmuration and Debora Leal's PHD paper

News & Announcements

Schumacher College Taking applications for new Head of Schumacher college

Schumacher college is looking for "an inspirational leader, committed to an ecological worldview ready to guide us along the next part of our journey" 

Deadline for applications is on June 28th Read More

Emma Kidd MSc Holistic science Alumni driving the Fashion detox challenge initiative

The Fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to global pollution, would you benefit from a "fashion detox"? Find out more -

Rafaela Scheiffer Developing Localized Water Cycle Initiative in Portugal Faro

The Water cycle is an often overlooked and key consideration when tackling climate change. One of the reasons for this is the challenge of measuring it. Check out her past and future events and posts on this topic!

Network Facilitators Announcement!

We have reviewed many of the groups that are on the network and it seems some could be deleted. If you have created a group that is relatively inactive please write a post in it over the next month and write something in the about section if you would like to keep it. Otherwise we will consider it for removal. Ideally we would have 4-7 active and relevant groups on the network. What would these groups be? 
Check the Facilitator's group to join the conversation

Finding people on the Schumacher Network

During the Murmuration event it transpired that the "Find people" section of the SNP has been overlooked by many of our members. Yet it is one of the Unique features that the SNP can offer its members. 

The simplicity of meeting people and talking around localized tangible initiatives has a deep and profound power. This theory of change is embraced by ancient traditions such as travelling Buddhist monks and the more modern complexity theorists alike. Such as Satish Kumar, Eleanor Norbert Hodge and Patricia Shaw for example.

The people finder can help facilitate finding the right people to get round the table be it face to face or on video conference
  • Find people to meet up personally in the places you are living or travelling to
  • Find people to tie in to discussions or groups
  • And whatever else your imagination can bring forth as an initative worth taking!
We are keen on developing this feature further and making it more central to the sites design. Please check out the Technology group if you would like to give any feedback or see what developments are in the pipeline

Featured Video of the Month

Fresh from the Earth Talks Archive - Wendell Berry - From Theory to Practice

Forthcoming Events on The Network

Education for Head, Heart and Creation-  
15 Jun 19 16:00 - 18:00  Association PAS - Ana Sanona Project • Faro, Portugal 

Learn about Schumacher College's transformative education and integrate a thoughtful conversation about education, leadership, life skills, sustainability, and an integration of human dimensions. Read more

Playground for the New Economy
16 Jun 19 - 18 Jun '19 

The Stir to Action Festival will be a unique three days of inspiring conversations, participatory theatre, virtual reality experiences, live podcasts, interactive workshops, Read more

Community Tea Room - Equinox 20 June 13:00 - 15:00 GMT
Join an open Tea Room session on Thursday 21st March to chat with other alumni and community members in an open drop in zoom room. Read More

Warriors without Weapons -  2 Jul 19 - 2 Aug 19 | Santos SP Brazil
Developing abilities for social impact, learning by doing, and doing with self awareness. A great course for engaging communities and executing projects for social change effectively Read more

We will not always feature ALL of the forthcoming events as we have done this month. To keep up to date on forthcoming events visit the Events section

Welcome New Members!

In May we have 32 new Members! Welcome to the network, we look forward to hearing from you. Many of the new members have come from short courses run by the growing teams in this month!

Have a look at the new membership here do say hello! :-) 
The more information we put onto our profiles the more we can get back as we become more visible to each-other update your profile here

Featured Posts, Topics and Groups

Every month we will feature some of the things that members have been posing on the network. It is easier to do this with a "Topic", Event or Group as these have direct URL's we can link to. Posts are a bit more difficult to do that with, so we link the users profile to "read more".


Murmuration - Holland 24th to 27th May

Mar Hauslers account and experience of the Murmuration group in Holland of each day and it also has lots of nice photos. Have a look! 

Debora Leal was at the Murmuration group in Holland and presented her PDH paper. 
"I am interested in how communities experience and deal with economic and technological pressures. Through a holistic approach, I try to understand and support digital and human connectivity use in areas of post-conflict and social instability. I collaborate with communities in the Brazilian and Colombian Amazon region."

If anyone wants to read more of the paper follow this link, you can also engage in discussion about with the author. Or you could find people who are based in Colombia and tie them in to a discussion or question about this. 
Alumni Interview with Sam Chevallier This month as part of the alumni interviews, I am excited to share the interview with Sam Chevalier, he has been involved in various inspiring projects in South Africa. Read the interview
Community Health Check - May 2019
This month was more active than the previous month, time spent on the network has doubled to 61 hours. The number of comments has also increased significantly Read more to see some new graphs!


Patricia Galante de Sá wrote a shout out to the network in a post to consider the Regeneration enthusiasts group

"If you're into complexity, biomimicry, believe in disruptive new forms of economic and urban organizations, love the commons movement and focus on the positive instead of the negative narratives, this is a place for you! "

She also mentioned the "Instituto Regeneração Global" that has over 400 solutions. Check them out. Also if you know of any other similar resources please do share it to the group

Volunteering and Right Livelihood Opportunities

We would like to develop this section of our newsletter for the community. Please send Mar Häusler or Alfred Widmann a message on the Network to let us know and we will post these for you. Hopefully if this section gains enough traction we will simply have a "Resource Page" where the community can post opportunities.

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