Seasons Greetings - Solstice Year End Update

Mar Häusler • 20 December 2018

Schumacher Network in 2018!


The Schumacher Network is alive and thriving in 2018, and we want to give you a seasons update of what's been happening online as well as offline around the Schumacher Network Community.


Buzzing on the network...

What has been incredible is to connect with the diversity of members joining from across the world! The online community has amongst many others members from New Zealand, Mexico, South East Asia, Japan and China. Active members from France, Belgium, Brazil and South Africa, all around the UK to the vicinity of Totnes and sharing about college life online!


Through the network many new connections have been made, conversations taken further and spouts of projects blossoming.


In the initial days Mariana Gomez shared an online session on "Amazon Rights" in Colombia and Benjamin Butler held some live interviews as part of the (Imagination Lab @ Emerging Future). More recently, other online conversations took place such as the opening of the "Schumi Gift Circle" by Camila Fava Presetana and the second Global Schumi Wave in early December opening the space for topics to be discussed and sharing ideas with others from across the world. An interesting initiative that was born from the wave is a live listings of places that Schumacher alumni and friends are offering for further gatherings and events for other members of the community.

Active members of the community have shared wonderful posts about experiences such as Rafaela Schneiders at Plum village or Poems by Adriana Dorsett. As regularly updated, there have been the monthly community update blogs with the community as well as a health check on how the community is developing. (Links to these below). An initiative was started to interview alumni from across the world to share their stories which Maria Eduarda Souza and Ying Liang (who launched the "Schumi Learning Garden" in China this year) enthusiastically shared with the community.


Schumi Learning Garden


As the feed has been something many love to post into, several members have introduced themselves to the wider community with others sharing recurring experiences such as Moacyr Bittencourt posting about his visits Mato Grosso, Brazil meeting indigenous chiefs, fundraising campaigns in South Africa posted by Sam Chevallier as well as a poem shared by Paul Pizzala and a connection to the REconomy centre through Jay Tompt.





Several groups have been active with college life being present on the network  and Sonomi Sada regularly sharing in the in Art group. Check out other groups on the network.


Gatherings around the world...

Despite changes taking place at the college and the Old Postern entering a rest phase, activity is emerging around the world keeping the Schumacher spirit alive and thriving amongst the community.




Since the first alumni gathering in Chassepierre, Belgium in 2017 many others have sprouted in 2018! In January 2018 the first French gathering took place in Millemont organized by Olivier Maurel this was followed by a large event in Paris in October with Satish of over 2000 people meeting in the Grand Rex. In January 2019 Satish will be back in France and this time for the first time in Belgium for another alumni gathering.


Grand Rex


The murmuration continued to Romania this year were a pilgrimage and gathering took place in early November uniting locals and the Schumi community, with the next gathering planned in Amsterdam, Holland in May 2019.


Gathering in Holland


The seeds of the murmuration were also planted in Brazil where in 2018 to gatherings took place organised by Brazilian alumni for alumni.




Escola Schumacher Brazil is going strong with continued courses, they also got funding for a house this year in Sao Paulo to organise gathering, talks and events with more activity to come in 2019.


The Schumi Learning garden came to life in 2018, a vision held by alumni Ying Liang with the second cohort passing through the 9 week program, with a visit of Julie Richardson, Patricia Shaw and Della Duncan to launch the initiative.


China Garden


Several country visits where also organized to the college in the past years, Olivier Maurel bringing groups from France and Isabelle Giraldo recently bringing a mindfulness focused group connection from Belgium. The seeds are spreading and the message of Schumacher College is touching many more lives.


Belgian Group


A little background to date...

A lot of different people have played key roles in the birthing of the network over the past years. The idea was dreamt up at the college by students and alumni, with the support of Jon Rae and Julie Richardson as a Schumacher Worldwide Project. Rob Woodford and Lou Rainbow played a key role in the beginning phases of visioning, writing the initial business plan and helping with the initial crowdfunding campaign to get it off the ground.


Network fundraising


Laura Whitehead has been the technical brains and development behind the network with the support of Emily Oliver in the initially planning phase. Emily left end of 2017 and Ed Mitchell joined as the community producer in early 2018 for the final push to get the network online. Mar Hausler joined at the end of May as the community facilitator and at the beginning of June 2018 the close beta phase started. In July and August the network ran it's open beta phases with several "show and tells" taking place to share the network with the college community and around the world.


The official launch of the network took place in September where a wider communication email was sent out officially by the college to engage alumni and friends of the college. Laura Whitehead stepped back from her role to support the technical back end in October and in November Ed Mitchell retired with the movement of the core group engagement with Julie Richardson and Jon Rae also taking an advisory position and Mark Taylor stepping in, as well Alfred Widmann joining to support the continuity of the online community.


Ed and Alfred


With movements around the Old postern and college life, the network has stayed alive and thriving during these times - by connecting community members across the world and giving a voice and space for sharings and ideas.


Thank you to everyone who has supported the networks launch (whom I might have not officially mentioned or missed due to my late joining in the process), who is active online as part of the community and sharing with the wider community.


A very special thank you to the crowdfunders who supported the birth and for the ongoing support of the funders who are making this all possible with funding for the next 2 years!


Thank you for your active contributions...

Adriana Dorsett
Alejandra Balcazar
Alfred Widmann
Aline  Costa
Andrea Kuhn
Annabel Tarrant
Azul Valérie Thomé
Beatriz  Tadema
Benedikt Olga Georges Van de Walle
Benjamin J. Butler
Camila Fava Pestana
Della Duncan
Diana Vilela Behrens
Ed Mitchell
Emily Oliver
Hugo Oliveira
Inge Schrijver
Isabelle Giraldo
Janina Neugebauer
Jay Tompt
Jon Rae
Julie Richardson
Kazusa  Nakajo
Laura Whitehead
Lou Rainbow
Luis Llabrés
Mar Häusler
Marc Haentjens
Margaret Jennings
Maria Eduarda Souza
Mariana Gomez
Mato Grosso
Moacyr Bittencourt
Mothiur Rahman
Patricia Shaw
Paul Pizzala
Rafa Scheiffer
Rebecca Darby
Robert Woodford
Rose Gabriel
Sam Chevallier
Sonomi Sada
Ying Liang


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Wishing you a beautiful solstice and a wonderful start to 2019!