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Alfred Widmann • 12 March 2019

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February in the Schumacher Network

This is the 3rd Schumacher Network newsletter. Slowly but surely its beginning to take its shape, with some sections that will remain month on month and others that will be replaced with more relevant ones depending on the circumstances. Basically the newsletter is really written by the you, the membership. We monitor the "topics", Groups, Posts, events and interactions that happen on the network and feature them in this newsletter. 

What does it mean to be part of a community? For me it means there is a level of kinship, trust and shared intrinsic values which enable relationships of mutual support to proliferate. Could the Schumacher Network Platform be similar to Mumsnet or Stackexchange, except for the Schumacher community? I personally do hope so, but that is just my humble opinion and it will need to be balanced out with what you think.

We have developed a questionnaire to get some structured feedback from you. The questionnaire is a bit wordy but we had to explain the different governance and business models, so consider it a questionnaire with a small article inside it! Basically we want to assess if it's worth making the SNP a platform cooperative. 

If you have any feedback that does not fit the above please don't hesitate to write your comments into the heart group or contact Mar Häusler or Alfred Widmann via the network. It is our job to disseminate what is happening on the network and to feed it back to you all in a coherent and useful way. 

Featured this month

  • Some good news about the postern
  • Exclusive video footage from the Earth Talks archive
  • Forthcoming events on the network
  • Word cloud of new members Interests, Skills and Functions written on their profiles
  • SNP Member benefits
  • Featured Posts, Topics and Groups from the Network
  • Right Livelihood opportunities

News & Announcements

The Old Postern

We are excited to announce that a generous donor has given a £2 million gift to Schumacher College to repair the roof of the Old Postern and help secure its future after the 15th century building had to be closed as a result of significant damage caused by winter weather. Read more in the article published by Schumacher College...

Schumacher Network Platform (SNP) could be member owned as a platform cooperative, lets us know what you think??

Help us at the Schumacher Network Platform meet the needs of the community and develop a business case for the maintenance and development of the platform. The option of being member owned is also on the table.

Sound interesting?

Fill out our carefully crafted feedback questionnaire (it won't take longer than 10-15), it also has some details that need to be read so be warned you will need to read a bit too, so do take your time :-)

We will feed back the results next month, so the more you contribute the more interesting the next newsletter will be! 

Click here to participate

Featured Video of the Month

Fresh out of the Earth Talks Archive - James Lovelock - Answers About Gaia Theory

Simon Robinson Announced the publication of Henri Bortoft’s 2009 lectures at Schumacher College, a long-desired project of his, which was made possible through the support of Jaqueline Bortoft and Schumacher College. 
See his Youtube Channel and associated articles on


Forthcoming Events on The Network

Community Tea Room - Equinox 21 Mar 13:00 - 15:00 GMT
Join an open Tea Room session on Thursday 21st March to chat with other alumni and community members in an open drop in zoom room. Read More

A FREE Massive Open Online Course - March 25 Start

Towards Co-operative CommonWealth is a free, eight-week online course offered by Synergia Institute and Athabasca University that sets out the practical models and pathways for meaningful systems change at multiple levels. The goal: to better secure our basic needs in these increasingly difficult times. Read More

What role could the SNP play in moving towards a cooperative common wealth? If your going to join the course don't forget to enrol on the Network to let other people know!

Me Myself and Money Workshop - 13th April - Lisbon
Join the 1-day "Me, Myself and Money" workshop on the 13th April in Lisbon - Centro Upaya.

The workshop builds the bridge between the material and spiritual world, by exploring your personal and emotional relationship with money. Read more
Schumacher Murmuration 24th May - 27th May - Ostknollendam, Netherlands
Reverberating from the first murmuration in Belgium and then the experience in the mountains of Romania, a few of us got inspired to organise a next gathering in May 2019 - to which you are now invited! Read more

Economics of Happiness Pilgrimage
Join for a two-week inner and outer journey amidst the “land of high places”, in the awe-inspiring landscape and community of Ladakh. Read More

We will not always feature ALL of the forthcoming events as we have done this month. To keep up to date on forthcoming events visit the Events section

Welcome New Members!

In February we have 31 new Members! Welcome to the network, we look forward to your engagement.  Here is a word-cloud of their Interests, Skills and Function they disclosed on their profiles. (Click on the image to see it enlarged)

Have a look at the new membership here do say hello! :-) 
The more information we put onto our profiles the more we can get back as we become more visible to each-other update your profile here

SNP Member Benefits

Rob Woodford has kindly offered the Schumacher Community a 15% discount on "the new Deep Time Cards - to plan and lead your own Deep Time Walks"
Use the SCHNET2019 discount code. For more info click here
Phoebe Tickell shared a recent talk by Fritjof Capra: Science and Spirituality. And kindly offered Schumacher Members a 10% discount using discount code "schumacherdiscount" on Capra's dynamic online course based on his seminal book "The systems View of Life" Read more

Featured Posts, Topics and Groups

Every month we will feature some of the things that members have been posing on the network. It is easier to do this with a "Topic", Event or Group as these have direct URL's we can link to. Posts are a bit more difficult to do that with, so we link the users profile to "read more".


Cami Davi’s shared her picture of her interpretation of the “the honey bee collapse and more” called Devi Prayer. It was greatly influenced by her first short course at the college in 1998 “Inside-Outside Perception, Psychology, Ecology & Art with James Hillman.

Azul Valérie Thomé shared her vision on Earth Temples in Cities, How can a human-built space restore a broken relationship with the natural world?
Check it out


Alumni Interview with Guillem Caballero. This month as part of the alumni interviews, I am excited to share the interview with Guillem Caballero, he was very involved in college life after his graduation in the "bridge role" and is now in Belgium as part of the Belgium Sprouts Schumacher initiative, Read more...
Dartington School for Social Entrepreneurs - Workspace
Anyone in Totnes who who needs a workspace full of social Entrepreneurs? Look no further Read more
Introducing Dr Tracey Warr - Exert from Keeping in Touch Newsletter (Edited by Judy Allen)
"There is nothing more important in the world right now than working to bring about a paradigm shift... that enables a viable future, not only for humans, but for all lifeforms on the planet." Read more
The INKIRI$ - two years on after my thesis by Mar Häusler
Inkiri Piracanga is an intentional beachside community founded in 2003 in Brazil’s northeastern coast. In the last thirteen years, it has become an international reference of alternative living, with its model based on spirituality and harmony with nature. Read More
Community Health Check - Feb 2019
This monthly blog post has analyses some of the data available in order to build a sense of what is taking place on SNP. This month a total of 59 hours were spent on the network! Read more

Volunteering and Right Livelihood Opportunities

We would like to develop this section of our newsletter for the community. Please send Mar Häusler or Alfred Widmann a message on the Network to let us know and we will post these for you. Hopefully if this section gains enough traction we will simply have a "Resource Page" where the community can post opportunities.


We were thrilled that Moacyr Bittencourt shared such a great job opportunity with the Network. As the applications closed before we were due to send this newsletter we took the initiative to forward an email to all SNP Members who were associated with Brazil to make sure they got the message.

We hope that we can help facilitate more opportunities for our members. Here is the job description for your information

More information on the Volunteering opportunities in Camp De la Transition

Message From Helené

A few words on the context. The Campus for Transition (Campus de la Transition) is an initiative close to the Schumacher College in terms of philosophy. It is a place where alternative courses are offered on a wide variety of subjects linked to the social and ecological transition, through a pedagogy that combines analytical as well as hand-on-work experience through the body and the emotions. The Campus for Transition is also a solidarity actor embedded within a territory (the Seine-et-Marne region, an hour away south Paris) and aims at promoting and accompanying a territorial, regional, national and global transition through different kinds of links including action-research and concrete experiments.
The Campus for Transition organizes its first training period during April and May. About 30 students will be residents of the Campus during this period of time.
We are in great need of volunteers such as the ones that are at Schumacher in order to help with the logistics inherent of the organization of this training period: cooking, cleaning, gardening and the like.
More precisely, we are looking for people that can be volunteers during at least a month and with a rhythm of about 25 hours per week.
It is a great opportunity for you to further your Schumacher experience within a similar (but differentJ) structure in France, hand-in-hand with a joyful, caring and diverse team.
For more information and to join us, please contact Hélène:

Warm Wishes, 
Oh and By the Way, have you had the chance to fill out our questionnaire? 
If you have not done it yet please do so. We want to explore what it would mean to create an platform and entitiy that is geared to synergising the schumacher community. Click here to participate
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