"Me, Myself & Money"

Mar Häusler
Event date 29 Sep '18 09:00 - 19:00
Event location Lisbon • Portugal

I will be facilitating a one day "Me, Myself and Money" workshop in Lisbon on the 29th of September in English with Portuguese translation.

The course takes you into a deeper dive to explore your personal and emotional relationship with money. Looking at our beliefs around money, questioning the currency life and economic system we live in. It is the fruition of the years I worked in finance coupled with my spiritual exploration and the Economics for Transition Masters at Schumacher College.

The workshop was born in Piracanga where I was living with the community as a social practitioner and helping them develop their own community currency inkiri$. During the process we realised that you cannot change the outside system without looking at your personal beliefs around money - so the first version of this workshop was born. 

If you have a calling to join, there are still a few spaces available, for more information feel free to contact me privately. Registrations are with Flor Dillon (what's app +55 73 9809 7427)