Events are a great way to bring people together, enabling members to organise, discuss and join activities. Any member can add an event. 

Things you can do

  • Events can be placed in a group or outside a group
    • When creating one outside a group the event is visible on the homepage stream and on the profile of the author or the
    • When creating one inside a group the event is visible on the event overview in the group
  • You can create an event by using the ‘+’ button in the header menu or the button on the event overview page of your profile. When creating you can either choose to add it to a group or not. You can also create an event in a group directly from the group itself.
  • Creating an event inside a closed group will only be available to members of that group.
  • An event author can edit and delete their own event but not others'
  • You can classify your event as one of a variety of types - you can see these in the 'Event type' dropdown list at the top of the 'add event' page


Event Enrollment

Cancelling your enrollment

When you’ve enrolled in an event, you can cancel the enrollment by clicking on the ‘Enrolled’ button and then clicking on ‘cancel enrollment’.

Following an event

When you’ve enrolled for an event, you will also automatically ‘follow’ this event and receive (email) notifications when someone comments on this event. The email notifications can be turned off on the account settings page.


  • It is possible to unfollow any event.
  • It is not possible to enroll for events with an end date in the past.
  • You can enroll in events belonging to an open group where you are not a member. You will join this group automatically after enrolling for the event. 


Event Organisers

Event organisers are visible in each event, so event participants know who to contact in case of questions.

Event organisers can change the event details and can add/remove other event organisers. An organiser can be added via the edit event page.