Groups allows groups of members to share ideas and organise events with each other around one specific subject. They can be seen as smaller communities within the bigger community. 

You can make a group on any subject or activity. 

In each group you can find:

  • Stream: activities in a group

  • Events: events organised in a group

  • Topics: topics created in a group

  • Members: members of a group. If you are a group manager, you can also manage the members of the group.

  • About: detailed information of a group. If you are a group manager, you can modify the information of a group.

Group Types

There are two different types of groups you can create:

  • Open Group: Open groups are groups that members (logged in to the platform) can join without permission from the group manager. All the posts, events, and topics in the open group are visible to other users on the platform. Non-group members cannot create content in the group or comment on any of the posts, events, or topics unless they join the open group (which is very easy and quick).
  • Closed Group: A closed group is a group where members (logged in to the platform) can only join by invitation from one of the group managers. The stream, events, and topics created in the closed group are not visible to people that are not a member of the group. A non-group member is only allowed to read the about page, the group manager, and the members of the group.


Create, edit and delete groups

  • Any member can add a group by using the ‘+’ button in the header menu

  • Please have a look at all the existing groups before creating one: does a similar one exist already? If so, can you join that one? If not, why not? We are much happier to have a smaller number of happy and coherent groups than miles of unhappy un-connected ones.

  • Then you can decide to create an open or closed group. Please note that you can't change the type of a group after creating.

  • You can also add a group via the group overview page in your own profile.

  • You can specify a location for the group if that is suitable (e.g. country, or regional groups)

  • The group manager can edit the group information, and delete and manage membership of their group

  • You can only delete a group managed by you
  • A group can be deleted on the edit group page. 
    Note that deleting a closed group will also delete all of the posts, events and topics created in the closed group.

The Group manager

When you create a group, you automatically become the group manager. You can only manage the members of a group managed by you.

This means that you are the group's facilitator - are you OK with that? Do you need help? Maybe a co-facilitator? 

A group manager can:

  • add members to an open or closed group
  • change the role of a member into group manager, or normal group member
  • remove a member from a group.
    (Note: when removing members from a closed group they will not be able to see the content any more, including the content they have created themselves.)