Groups facilitation

This is our early suggestions for the general patterns that make up health group process. We hope that this will evolve into a set of mutually agreed guidelines!

Before setting up a group

  • Look at the groups list on the groups list page or the All Groups Explore page - is there a similar group already?
  • Start a discussion topic in the whole community, to explore the subject or suggestion
  • Invite your friends and contacts to the discussion topic and ask them to invite their friends
  • Ask the Community Facilitator if they can share it in the fortnightly Community Update blog
  • Have the discussion - do you feel that the topic is good for a group? Are there members showing obvious interest and desire to be involved?
  • Identify the other members who are interested and start conversations about why/how/if you would start group together

Setting up a group

  • Agree a group of group managers and your roles and interests (e.g. facilitator, writer, administrator, promoter)
  • Explore (gently!) the issue of conflict resolution and facilitation around differences of opinion
  • Explore any group processes you think would be useful - creating regular posts, welcoming members, finding new members, organising events, handling membership questions...
  • Start the group with the group managers
  • All Group Managers should be members of the 'Facilitators' Group. If you aren't added by the Community Facilitator, please join!
  • Start writing blogs or discussions or resources
  • Share the group's content via your personal networks and in the general stream
  • Ask the Community Facilitator to share your group's status and content

Maintaining a group

  • Share the work of maintaining a group!
  • Encourage others to join the management roles
  • Encourage others to write and share their blogs/resources/discussions/events
  • Handle conflict responsibly and fairly
  • If you are feeling a bit burnt out by having responsibility, speak to that, look for help, or handover to other group managers - step back for a bit