We can communicate with eachother in a range of ways:

  • Discussion: open conversations around subjects
  • Blog: write thought pieces or news items
  • Resource: share specific suggestions with links
  • Mentions: add someone's name to a discussion or comment to alert them and bring them into the conversation
  • Private messages: discuss in private
  • Comments: comment on people's posts and topics in public
  • Likes: show your appreciation for someone's topic or post
  • Follow: follow specific content to receive notifications of new activity
  • Embed media: easily embed links to content from other websites (videos, articles) into posts, topics, comments etc.

We don't have a 'follow people' function which you may be used to in social networks. Our feeling is that in a community space (as opposed to a 'social network' space), sharing and following activities are done around community principles rather than personal networking principles.