Activity streams allows us to keep track of the activities of members, groups and the whole community. You will find them at several areas:

  • Home page when logged in: shows the activities relevant to you
  • Explore page: shows all the activities of the whole community
  • In a user profile: shows all the activities of a specific member
  • In a group: shows all the activities of a group

You will see posts and topics in here - this isn't Facebook where every activity is made public. It's important to remember the difference between 'Posts' and 'Topics'

  • Posts: are like status updates - they are part of the flow in the stream, and not a piece of knowledge or conversation that you want to be able to find easily later.
  • Topics: are blogs, discussions, resources that are the your thoughts or conversations that you want to find later, to be come a find-able part of the knowledge in the community.